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Learn Forex Trading With Forex Webinars For Beginners

To be successful in the forex market, you must understand the trends and pockets of opportunities in the foreign exchange market. To learn forex trading, you should consider attending a local seminar or webinar on the subject. However, beware that online seminars are as good as the people who host them. The vast majority of […]
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The Different Types of Trading Instruments

In trading, there are many types of financial instruments available. However, to be a successful trader, it is crucial that you understand the dynamics of each type. Here, we look at the main differences between stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, futures, and forex. ADVFN offers a comprehensive range of stock quotes and Level 2 data from […]
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Best Ways to Learn Forex Trading For Forex Beginners

A good way to learn forex trading is to use a course that covers the basics of the foreign currency market, including the reasons why people participate. Forex trading courses also cover the risks investors often face. In addition, traders should always follow a strategy to minimize risk. These strategies include setting stop losses and […]
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Types of Trading Instruments

The different types of trading instruments include stocks, EFTs, metals, and futures. Futures are highly liquid commodities that are used as a diversification from index-based trading and equity-based trading. A spot contract is the opposite of a futures contract and requires immediate delivery. Contracts for differences can be used to trade different types of commodities. […]
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The Majors in Forex Trading

While there are other major currencies, these pairs are the most popular and have tighter dealing spreads. Furthermore, the majors have great availability of economic news and Forex analytics. These factors make the majors a great way for a beginner to start trading in the Forex market. The majors’ high liquidity also helps smooth overall […]
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Forex Major Currency Pairs

There are eight Forex major currency pairs, which are the most commonly traded. These include the US dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), the Canadian dollar ($CAD), the Japanese yen (“JPY”), and the Chinese yuan (“CNY”). Each pair is linked to a particular region, and all forex trading takes place through a currency pair. Here are […]
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How to Choose the Best Forex Webinars for Beginners

You’ve made the decision to learn forex trading, but how do you choose a training program? There are many options – a free online course, community membership, or one-on-one mentoring. Free courses are a good way to gain general knowledge and identify key areas of focus. Paid courses can cost several thousand dollars, but are […]
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Types of Trading Instruments

There are several types of trading instruments. They can range from stocks to CFDS. Some are more liquid than others, depending on the commodity. They are also called securities. Listed below are a few of the more common ones. Each type of trading instrument has its own advantages and disadvantages. To learn more, read on. […]
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How to Trade Forex Major Currency Pairs

The Forex market has many pairs, but there are four most popular and heavily traded ones. These are called major currency pairs. They comprise the largest portion of the foreign exchange market. Below are the four most important currency pairs. Each pairs is listed with its key factors that affect currency prices. The majors include […]